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Read it, Roll it, & Hole it!


About the Nside10

Imagine a putting system designed for putting practice that simulated the way you think and putt on the golf course. Wouldn't that improve your putting confidence, lower your handicap and increase your sinks on the golf course? Putting well on the course is the secret to winning and having more fun. 

"Practice like you Play so you can play like you Practice!"

PGA Professional Patrick Reed practicing with The Nside10 ProStroke while ​simultaneously verifying his club face alignment, ball speed at the cup, and his putter's predetermined rhythm on every putt he practices!

Game Changing Technology

Verify club face alignment within 1/8" of intended line

Putting rhythm feedback to 1/100th of a second

Verify face angle relative to clubs path during the stroke

​​Proven to help reduce handicaps by up to ​​35%

Intelligent Feedback:

Get Results!

Refine your personal rhythm with impeccable accuracy

Practice Alignment & Ball-Speed control simultaneously

Improve your green-reading skills

A message from Inventor, President, & CEO, Walt Pendleton