Product Info

Nside10 ProStroke

- LED rhythm feedback - stroke range of .5 - 1.25 seconds

- Displays actual amount of time after each putting stroke 

- Strobe lighting system moves in sequence with the putter's movement 

- Visual lighting system sequenced determines your "timing number" for instant feedback

- Training settings to improve ball speed control, stroke path, club face alignment and green reading 

- ​"Smart start" visual/audible feedback of your timing and rhythm

Train yourself to be more consistent!

Learn your personalized rhythm setting!

Control length and rhythm on any putt inside 20!

Nside10 Caddy

(Suggested Retail $199.00)

​​​"My Nside10 - ProStroke™ is a "skill improvement tool" that monitors my putting practice with the speed & accuracy of a computer."  - Patrick Reed, 2015

- Laser face alignment up to 1/8" from 20 ft w/brake up to 24"

- Visual lines show "chosen" path & face angle match 

- Alignment and speed verification target included

- Use rechargeable batteries when you're on the go

- Radius aeronautical plotted.

- Supports left-handed positioning

(Suggested Retail $150.00)

Practice stroke path & putter face angle through your entire stroke, either with a linear or radius stroke path

Practice alignment, ball speed control & learn true read greening simultaneously on putts over 20'.

Improve your skills!

Invaluable Feedback!