As an experienced professional instructor, I've heard tons of students say to me, "I've practiced the putting changes you've requested... however they haven't made me a better putter on the golf course, in fact I'm putting ​​worse" - the problem is unsupervised practice sessions!


Let's face it, practicing the grip, stance, and alignment are solid

​​fundamentals but normally aren't the source of poor putting - 

most of the time!

Ask your student's how they verify the following

​​skills when they're practicing on the putting green without you:

​(1) ​How do you verify club face alignment & ball speed at the cup?

​​(2) How do you ​​​​practice face angle relationship to the stroke's path?

​​(3) How do you practice putting with a rhythmical putting stroke.

​​(4) How do you verify & evaluate why you miss putts - that seem easy?

​​The fact of the matter is: technology shortens the learning curve! That's why videoing the FULL SWING has made it easier to learn how

​​to get the ball into the air with consistency for most players. ​​

​​The ​Nside10 ProStrokeTM teaches the "nuances of putting" using the

​​verification of alignment relative to the intended starting line of the

​​putt and then teaches the players how to develop a smooth putting

​​stroke that will return the face angle to the ball consistently.

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